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Land O Lakes Binding Services

Do you need someone to print and bind your marketing materials? Do you have reports in need of copying and binding? Our Land O Lakes binding services are the best you can have!

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Piggy Printz is always ready to secure and bind your documents with high-quality, professional-looking binding techniques. Our team has extensive experience performing all kinds of binding methods and is equipped to bind all types of printed materials you may have. From marketing materials to important documents, we can securely compile them for you.

You don’t have to worry about your pages getting lost or being glued together in an ugly manner anymore. With us, you can have the best binding technique suited for your document’s number of pages, type of material, and budget for the project. You can even expect the finished product as early as possible.

So if you are looking to impress your recipient with well-bound marketing material or business documents, work with our binding experts today!

Call Piggy Printz at (813) 370-1194 for your Free Consultation with a Land O Lakes Binding Services expert!

Vast Options of Binding Styles

Piggy Printz is an all-around printing company that takes pride in our comprehensive list of high-quality products and services. That’s why when it comes to our Land O Lakes binding services, you can expect that we can always produce the best result regardless of your printed material or preferred binding style.

From keeping your document lay flat once opened to having them open upward, we can customize our binding service to cater to all your design and functionality preferences. We will also make sure that the material we’ll use is up to your standards.

Included in the list of the binding styles we offer are the following:


Keeping your users’ comfort in mind, you might want to opt for saddle-stitched binding as it allows your document to remain flat once it’s opened. This technique is suitable for documents with less than 100 pages. Depending on how you want your file to open, this technique utilizes an industry stapler on either side to bind all the sheets together.

If you own a start-up or medium-sized business, saddle-stitched binding might be the best option. Aside from producing a durably bound document, it is also a budget-friendly choice. You can make use of saddle-stitching for your periodicals, catalogs, booklets, or other small-sized files.

Spiral Bound and Wire-O Bound

Land O Lakes Binding Services pexels tirachard kumtanom 733852 scaled e1618866286331 300x171These two styles are preferred for flat-lying books and even other kinds of printed materials. Spiral binding and wire-o binding are the same binding techniques, apart from the main material utilized in each of their respective binding processes.

In spiral binding, the printed pages will have a row of punched holes where a plastic coil will be looped. This can be done on any side you choose, depending on how you want your document to look or be opened. Piggy Printz offers plastic coils in various colors, so your document will better reinforce your branding.

On the other hand, wire-o binding—as the name suggests—uses wire coils to loop through the punched holes in the same process as with spiral binding. However, given the advantages of wires over plastics, wire-o binding produces more durable results than spiral binding.

Perfect Binding

This is the binding style you’re looking for if you want the best appearance and durability combined at a reasonable price. Land O Lakes Binding Services Perfect Binding 300x200Perfect binding can be used regardless of how many pages you’re looking to bind without worrying about how it will look or how long it will last. However, saddle-stitch binding is still preferable if your entire document is less than 4mm thick.

Through perfect binding, your printed pages will be glued together on one side before the cover will be attached to the spine. The resulting spine will be flat, which you can further utilize as you print it with minimal text such as your business name, date of release/report, and other important details you want to easily see.

Stapled Books

If what you need is to bind only a few pages, stapled books might be the answer. This binding style is often utilized for materials with only several pages, such as newsletters, short reports, and informational booklets, among many others. Although this technique doesn’t cost much, it can still produce well-bound pages in a durable, flexible manner.

Remember, this list is just an overview, so don’t worry if you don’t see a binding method that suits your preferences. You can reach our binding experts with just a single call, and they will gladly discuss all other options you can choose from. We will even give you expert recommendations based on your design preference, number of pages to be bound, target audience, and budget.

Full-Service Printing Company

Apart from our trusted Land O Lakes, FL binding services, Piggy Printz also provides all other kinds of printing products and services. We cater to all personal and commercial printing needs, ensuring quality and time-efficiency for each project we work on.

Land O Lakes Binding Services istockphoto 1053537350 612x612 1 300x211From wide-format banners and large graphics to small business cards and other compact marketing materials, our team can provide premium-quality printables with guaranteed durability and high-resolution graphics. We can also copy all your documents and marketing materials and direct mail them to your potential customers.

Included in our offered products and services are the following:
1. Graphic design
2. Black and white or colored printing
3. Digital Printing
4. Business cards
5. Envelopes and letterheads
6. Mailing services
7. Product brochures
8. Forms
9. Flyers
10. Postcards
11. Banners
12. Calendars
13. Promotional items

Whether you just need to print a few personal documents or you want us to bulk print your latest marketing materials, Piggy Printz can deliver results at a quick turnaround while ensuring to meet or even exceed your expectations. Give us a call, and we can get on your project right away!

Free Consultation Today

Land O Lakes Binding Services PiggyPrints Brighter Logo 1 300x237Aside from making sure that none of your pages will be lost or get out of order, acquiring the best binding services will assure you that your marketing materials or vital documents will look as professional as the business name you carry.

So in order to ensure that your bound pages will not only look good but will also hold for a long time, work with the best binding experts today!

Call Piggy Printz at (813) 370-1194 for your Free Consultation with a Land O Lakes Binding Services expert!