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Lutz Screen Printing

Screen printing is a cost-effective way of funding an effective marketing campaign. You can use it on clothes, office supplies, and lots of other materials that you want to get printed with your business name, logo, slogan, and other advertising messages—smudges and printing inconsistencies out of the question.

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Piggy Printz is a trusted print shop that offers a budget-friendly Lutz screen printing service for all businesses. Our durable and attractive products can be customized to fit any marketing need and overall budget. Whether you want high-quality employee uniforms or compelling promotional items, our screen printing service guarantees 100% satisfaction.

We won’t only print your desired printables but will also help in the conceptualization of its design. Our team also caters to any volume of production and even on-demand projects. With industrial-grade printing machines and comprehensive substrate selection, expect premium products completed at a quick turnaround!

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Types of Screen Printing Applications

Screen printing is applicable to a myriad of different materials. Although it is more popular among fabrics used for promotional giveaways, it is also highly effective for branding all sorts of other materials (e.g., kitchenware, electronics, office supplies, etc.).

If you’re having a hard time choosing, our Lutz screen printing experts can help you determine the best material that fits your brand, budget, and marketing goal.

Included in the screen printing applications that we offer are the following:


Screen printing is now widely used for glasses and ceramics, mostly for promotional purposes as well.Lutz Screen Printing GLASS   CERAMIC 300x200 Lots of glass and ceramic materials can fit the marketing goal of almost all types of businesses, making it a booming choice for screen printing products nowadays.

Mugs, plates, bottles (e.g., perfumes, liquor, cosmetics, etc.) are just some of the most popular screen printed glass and ceramic products. You can ask our team if you want to know which item best fits your brand.


Electronics are now one of the more popular giveaways since they are useful both for students and professionals. Any business could benefit from a marketing campaign involving the screen printing on these items. Since electronic devices are part of practically everyone’s daily lives, using them for advertising will give your brand more exposure and a wider reach.

You also don’t need to worry about delays or damages to your chosen electronic. We are not only professionally trained but are also equipped with industrial-grade printers.


If you are not looking for promotional items at the moment, our screen printing service also caters to different types of graphics. We can provide you with banners, posters, point-of-purchase displays, and lots of other promotional items. Even better, screen printing allows for easy customization and mass production.

Opt for Lutz, FL Screen Printing Now!

Whether for personal needs or business purposes, Piggy Printz is the best provider of printing products and services. We have the equipment and expertise to cater to all your printing needs, regardless of the quantity, printing method, and type of material that you’re looking for.

Our Lutz, FL screen printing service is particularly one of a kind. Lots of businesses found it highly favorable since it is not only a cost-effective process, it also produces attractive prints that will last long in any substrate of your choosing. Glass, textiles, wood, electronics—we can all turn them into high-impact marketing tools through screen printing!

Even better, Piggy Printz offers other services apart from screen printing. We also provide digital printing, design, binding, copying, and direct mailing services. From internal documents to marketing materials and even personal celebratory signage, everything can be done by our expert printing team!

Let’s Talk More

Lutz Screen Printing PiggyPrints Brighter Logo 1 300x237Your advertising campaign should go beyond what is good and towards what is spectacularly unique. When it comes to your graphics, you need to have vibrant prints that won’t wash out even after long-time usage under the sun or other elements. That is what screen printing is for!

Talk to our screen printing team today and allow us to help you create the best promotional material that will improve your business’s bottom line.

Call Piggy Printz at (813) 370-1194 for your Free Consultation with a Lutz Screen Printing expert!